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In our perspective, patio coatings should be a luxury that anybody can afford. We’ve accomplished this by providing high-quality floor coatings at an affordable price.

Patio Coating

Allstate Concrete Coatings offers extensive Patio Coating Solutions to help bring beauty and piece-of-mind to your outdoor patios in the Arizona Sun.

Phoenix & Scottsdale Patio Coatings

When it comes to entertaining guests or just kicking it back and relaxing, your patio is the perfect spot to do it. Your patio can be a place for friends, family, and even just a breath of fresh air. A place where future laughs, smiles, and memories are waiting to happen. That is why a well-done patio is an investment that pays off tremendously over time, as its benefits can be used time and time again. But before you get started it’s essential to find a Rockstar team to do the job right.

We proudly help our clients bring life to their patio again with our high-quality patio concrete coating services at Allstate Concrete Coatings. We proudly serve the community of Scottsdale, AZ, and put extra care into our work. No matter the size of the job, we can take on any coating project you can imagine, residential or commercial, big or small.

Patio Design & Coatings in Arizona

Your home is your sanctuary, and your patio is your dojo. When you reside in your domain, it is essential that it fits you – so it’s important when designing your patio to tailor it to your style.
When it comes to designing your patio at Allstate Concrete Coatings, your options are endless. We have many different textures, patterns, and colors – ensuring that your patio is uniquely designed for your style, taste, and needs.
In addition, our team will coordinate with you and your ideas so that installation will blend together your outdoor and indoor spaces to smoothly provide a picture-perfect

patio space. No matter what your usage goals are, we can tailor your patio coatings to best match your lifestyle.
Whether you’re planning on entertaining often, spending time with the family, or simply relaxing by yourself – we can help design and build the patio coating that best suits you.
Allstate Concrete Coatings can work on just about any concrete patio surface and provide a strong quality coating to your next patio project. With our services comes not only a variety of options and styles but the assurance of high-quality materials and the experience of a high-quality company.

Resurfacing Patio Concrete

For safety reasons, we will often recommend resurfacing to our customers on a new concrete surface. Our specialists can give your patio area the appearance of a whole range of different building materials and seal the surface of your patio with a protective barrier to fend off against nature’s elements. Additionally, our resurfacing services will restore and renew your Scottsdale patios look and help your home improve its usability and increase its value.

Patio Concrete Repair in Scottsdale

Over time the elements of nature will cause wear and tear to your patio and ultimately damage it. This damage will not only make your patio look bad but can also potentially make it unsafe. That’s why it’s crucial to repair your concrete patio before the damage escalates. Luckily, Allstate Concrete Coatings can help. As long as your surface is viable and structurally sound, we can get the job done. When you work with experienced professional concrete coaters, we can fix your patio and find out what exactly caused it to damage in the first place. This allows us to help you prevent future damage from occurring

Why Choose Allstate Concrete Coatings?

When it comes to your patio, you want to ensure that it is functional and built correctly. For your next patio project, it is essential that you find the right team to ensure the job is done right.
Here at Allstate Concrete Coatings, we put our customer’s needs first to provide quality service and a job well done. Our team of patio coating experts is bonafide craftsmen in the art of turning your patio dreams into a patio reality. We

treat every concrete patio coating project as if it was our own. Our team of specialists is licensed, bonded, and insured and strives to provide exceptional value to our customers and their patios.
Do you live in Scottsdale, AZ, and are you considering a new patio coating? Get a free quote today or if you have any questions!!

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